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Gallery of Polish Masters

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Gallery of Polish Masters – a permanent exhibition based on artworks from a private collection. The works presented in the Gallery are the property of Krzysztof Musiał, patron and art collector. Thanks to the collaboration of the Museum and this private collector, nearly 130 works have been exhibited – paintings, drawings and sculptures from the 19th and the first half of the 20th century. They were created by outstanding Polish artists, Masters who were successful in developing a recognisable style and who contributed to art new values of aestheticism and craftsmanship, hence the name of the exhibition: the Gallery of Polish Masters. These artworks are presented in 15 thematic groups, covering the most significant and interesting issues of the period and trends of creative exploration.
The Gallery of Polish Masters is located in that part of the Palace which at the height of the Poznanskis’ prosperity functioned as a storehouse for textiles produced in the nearby factory, which formed part, like the Palace and the workers’ housing estate, of Israel Poznanski’s empire. The tour can begin on a “go as you like” basis, with any room. Works which are discussed in detail are marked with a headphones symbol, shown next to the caption.

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