Widok na salonik urządzony meblami tapicerowanymi brązowa tkanina, w którym znajdują się instrumenty muzyczne, gramofon z tuba, dwa fortepiany i drobne przedmioty dekoracyjne.
29 August 2018
Artistic lounges

Directing oneself from the Mirror Room to the Dining Room, one can pass through representative enfilade lounges. Only the ceiling decorations remain from the original decor. Permanent exhibitions were arranged there, which show how factory owners (the richest citizens of Łódź at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries) supported artists and cultural initiatives. The exhibition was created on the basis of works of artists that came from Łódź or were connected with it, furniture and handcrafted products that constituted table decorations of rich local bourgeoisie: porcelain services, silver Art Nouveau epergnes and decorative glassware from Emil Galle’s manufactory. The furniture set in the style of Louis Philippe from Jakub Simmler’s Warsaw manufactory as well as the Krall and Seidler grand piano create a climate that favours the lounge atmosphere.