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Privacy policy

Privacy policy

Get acquainted with the privacy policy regarding the website of the Museum of the City of Łódź.

1. Who processes personal data and for what purpose

Personal data provided to us in connection with the registration is processed by the Museum of the City of Łódź, 91-065 Łódź, 15 Ogrodowa Street, tel. +48 (42) 307 26 57, e-mail: NIP: 7261006844, REGON: 000598411.

The personal data you provide, particularly your name, surname, user address, email address and phone number is processed:

  • to the extent necessary to establish and properly implement electronic services;
  • in order to operate the website, in particular the registration process;
  • in order to fill in the contact details questionnaire.


2. Transfer and sharing of personal data

Data Administrator reserves the right to transfer or share with third parties the personal data of users whose data is administered when:

  • the users grant their consent or
  • it is justified by the law or
  • it is necessary to provide services or
  • it is connected with pursuing claims or clarification of the circumstances regarding the users’ illegal use of electronic services.


3. Users’ rights and contact with the Administrator

Users have the right to:

  • access their personal data as well as to correct and update it,
  • contact the Data Administrator at any time in order to obtain information about whether and how the Data Administrator uses or intends to use their personal data,
  • submit a request to the Data Administrator to entirely or partially remove their personal data.

Data Administrator provides the opportunity for users to remove their personal data from the database at their request, as well as in other circumstances on the basis of the provisions of the existing law.

Data Administrator may be contacted at telephone number +48 517 562 083, or e-mail:


4. Data protection terms

Data Administrator ensures the security of personal data through appropriate technical and organizational means in order to prevent it from being unlawfully processed. In addition, efforts are exerted to ensure that personal data is:

  • correct and processed in accordance with the law,
  • accurate and updated,
  • kept no longer than necessary,
  • kept safe.


5. Data related to browsing the website content using cookies

The Data Administrator uses cookies in order to garner information such as how users use the website and in particular the number of their visits to the website, the duration of a visit, the material accessed and the user’s IP address. The administrator does not use such information to link it to personal data of the users or to identify users. The Data Administrator uses the above mentioned information solely in order to collect general statistical data and to improve the contents of the website and the quality of the provided services. In addition, the Data Administrator would like to inform that cookie files are discussed in detail in our Cookie Policy.



1. The site uses “Cookies” – text files placed on the Service Recipient’s device, improving its use of the services provided by the Service Provider, including by storing session IDs or remembering its preferences, and also provide anonymous data to third-party applications, such as Google Analytics.

2. The Service Recipient may disable “Cookies” using the settings of his web browser.

3. Cookies do not store any personal data of the Service Recipient or passwords in an open form.